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XM Cyber Unveils AI Chat Interface, Empowering Users with Robust and Real-Time Security Insights

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

XM Cyber announced the launch of their generative AI-powered chat interface empowering customers to harness the full power of XM Cyber’s vast security insights without the need for extensive technical expertise. The new feature allows customers to gain direct access to the rich data lake within XM Cyber. With the new GenAI capability, users can simply ask questions in their own phrasing and get answers from the system. The GenAI capability enables automatic discovery of different insights regarding the environment, such as machines where the EDR isn’t running. Using the new capability, organizations can easily investigate these insights.

XM Cyber consolidates extensive data from diverse sources, including servers, workstations, IaaS cloud providers (Azure, GCP, AWS), PaaS like Kubernetes, and more. This varied data pool guarantees comprehensive security insights, surpassing the limitations of narrower solutions. The introduction of XM Cyber’s AI chat interface streamlines the navigation of this vast volume of insights, allowing users to effortlessly extract valuable information through a simple language interface. Unlike other solutions, the XM Cyber AI interface stands out by offering real-time and fresh data, eliminating the need for exhaustive retraining with every dataset change. This ensures a high degree of accuracy and up-to-date results, a distinctive feature in the realm of security solutions. With the ability to access real-time, fresh data and export AI-generated results, users can rely on a streamlined and efficient experience.

XM Cyber will continue to expand the AI chat interface by adding more data sources, potentially encompassing all the information collected by the company. The roadmap includes executing complex queries on big data, querying full-length long vectors, and seeking remediation advice specific to customer data and posture. Additionally, users can anticipate inquiring about attack techniques information, assessing risks to critical assets, and conducting choke point analysis, further enhancing the capabilities of XM Cyber’s AI interface.

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