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GMO GlobalSign Introduces Kubernetes Cert-Manager Issuer

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

GMO GlobalSign, Inc. announced the availability of an Issuer for Kubernetes cert-manager. Made possible with an integration from GMO GlobalSign’s certificate management platform, Atlas, the new Issuer enables cert-manager users to quickly obtain trusted TLS (X.509) certificates, improving the security of Kubernetes workflows. With 5 million daily downloads, the popular open source enterprise tool simplifies the process of certificate issuance and management in the Kubernetes.

Kubernetes’ cert-manager issues certificates from a variety of sources such as GMO GlobalSign. The new integration solves the problem of Kubernetes workloads running with insecure capabilities in production environments. Many enterprises use Kubernetes for managing production workloads but they run them with insecure certificates, such as self-signed certificates to secure communications within the clusters. But now with GMO GlobalSign’s Issuer for cert-manager, enterprises can obtain trusted TLS certificates to authenticate and secure communications within Kubernetes clusters hassle-free.

GMO GlobalSign’s Issuer for cert-manager will appeal to a variety of software professionals, including DevOps engineers, infrastructure engineers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) engineers and software engineers.

The cert-manager Issuer is free and is available via GitHub

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