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Open Data Day 2024 - Expert commentary

February 2024 by Jason Kent, Hacker in Residence, Cequence Security

Open Data Day is coming up on March 5, 2024, to encourage all data to be free and accessible to everyone. The commentary from Jason Kent, Hacker in Residence at Cequence Security.

Open Data Day underscores the importance of responsible data management and security practices. Ensuring that data remains accessible while protecting it from unauthorized access and misuse is essential for fostering innovation and trust in the digital age.

In today’s digital landscape, information flows through applications powered by APIs, which have become the fastest way to easily create web applications. This shift brings both advantages and risks for businesses. APIs, designed for machine-to-machine interaction, encompass commands, payloads, and data crucial for engaging user experiences. However, including sensitive data within APIs poses a recurring challenge: inadvertent exposure. Such lapses jeopardize regulatory compliance and lead to costly data breaches.

A comprehensive approach encompassing discovery, detection, and prevention measures is crucial to address these challenges. Organizations can mitigate the risk of sensitive data exposure and API-related threats by implementing comprehensive data protection measures. Proactive measures are essential in safeguarding against the myriad risks associated with API usage in today’s interconnected digital ecosystem.

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