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DigiCert and Deutsche Telekom Forge Strategic Partnership

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

DigiCert announced a strategic collaboration with Deutsche Telekom to enhance its digital certificates and identity management offerings. Leveraging the expertise of DigiCert, Deutsche Telekom is poised to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse needs of European customers.

The partnership with DigiCert equips Deutsche Telekom to address a wide spectrum of requirements, ranging from public key infrastructure and identity and access management to digital certificates and hardware security solutions for various devices, including smartphones and computers. With a single-source approach, Deutsche Telekom aims to cater to the demands of both its customers and their subsidiaries, ensuring seamless integration.

With an eye toward future advancements, Deutsche Telekom aims to enhance flexibility and scalability in its service offerings through collaboration with DigiCert. In an era characterized by rapid IoT proliferation and expanding attack surfaces, the partnership enables Deutsche Telekom to deliver agile, scalable platforms capable of meeting evolving security needs. Additionally, seamless identity management across diverse applications and device instances will enrich Deutsche Telekom’s security portfolio, empowering customers with greater control and agility in their digital ecosystems.

Deutsche Telekom maintains its longstanding reputation for digital sovereignty, a cornerstone of its service offerings in the German market. Since pioneering DE’s first certified trust center in 1994, the company has played a pivotal role as a trusted authority for electronic data exchange across various industries and government agencies. Millions of digital certificates issued by Deutsche Telekom continue to underpin secure, IT-enabled business processes, safeguarding data integrity, evidentiary value, and confidentiality.

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