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Cybersixgill Unveils Third-Party Intelligence, Exposing Threats to Organizations. Stemming from Their Supply Chain

avril 2024 par Patrick LEBRETON

Powerful, New Extension Curates and Enhances Cybersixgill’s Comprehensive Threat Intelligence with Vendor-Specific Security Posture Data, Enabling Security Operations to Preempt Threats Originating from Third-Party Suppliers

Cybersixgill, the global cyber threat intelligence data provider, broke new ground today by introducing its Third-Party Intelligence module. The new module delivers vendor-specific cybersecurity and threat intelligence to organizations’ security teams, enabling them to continuously monitor and detect risks to their environment arising from third-party suppliers and take preemptive action before an attack executes.

The Third-Party Intelligence module combines vendor-specific cyber threat intelligence (CTI) with cybersecurity posture data from suppliers’ tech environments, exposing a critical blind spot for security teams. With this intelligence, threat analysts and security operations teams can identify threats from the supply chain and expand their threat exposure management efforts.

Research shows that in 2023, there were 245,000 software supply chain attacks, costing organizations $46 billion. That amount will likely rise to $60 billion in 2025. Additionally, nearly two-thirds (61%) of U.S. businesses were directly impacted by a software supply chain attack in the 12-month period ending in April 2023, while 66% of companies say they do not trust their third parties to notify them of a major breach.

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