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Check Point Research alerts on a new NFT airdrop campaign

January 2024 by Check Point

Researchers at cybersecurity solutions provider Check Point Software Technologies have uncovered an elaborate, large scale NFT scam that aims to hijack the crypto wallets of NFT holders and drain their funds.

The unregulated economy of the blockchain world is the perfect breeding ground for scams of this nature. Unsuspecting victims are first encountered with an unsolicited airdrop that takes on the appearance of a legitimate NFT project rewarding the token holder. After being directed to a fraudulent website to claim their NFT reward, the rug is pulled under the victim’s feet after they are socially engineered to connect their wallet which grants the perpetrator access to drain the funds from the victim’s digital wallet.

This attack vector highlights the ease with which holders of digital assets can be dispossessed of their inventory, providing a stark warning that those with a vested interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space should remain extra vigilant and understand the tell-tale signs of a scam.

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