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Which US States Forget Their Passwords the Most and On Which Platforms, According to Google Study

September 2023 by Google

The research, carried out by Customer Service Number, analyzed the search frequency of over 21,000 phrases related to forgotten passwords, such as ’I forgot my password,’ ’Password reset,’ ’Facebook password reset,’ etc. It then aggregated the monthly search counts for each state, normalizing the data per 100,000 people.

West Virginia topped the list with a monthly average of 5,702 searches related to password recovery. This suggests that residents in West Virginia may need a little extra help in keeping their online credentials in check.

Following closely behind, Vermont secured the second spot on password-related issues with 3,665 monthly searches.

Delaware secures the third spot on our list, with 3,390 monthly searches dedicated to password recovery. The state’s residents are evidently diligent about resolving their password-related issues promptly.

Wyoming and Alaska round out the top five with 3,276 and 3,223 monthly searches on average, respectively.

On the flip side, the study also reveals the 5 states that seem to have the best memory for their passwords, with California (1,524 monthly search averages) making the fewest searches for password recovery. California’s tech-savvy population may contribute to their ability to remember and manage their online credentials effectively.

The other remaining states include Florida (1,648 monthly search averages), Texas (1,653 monthly search averages), Pennsylvania (1,708 monthly search averages), and Ohio (1,725 monthly search averages).

Here’s the full state-by-state list:
State Monthly Search Volume per 100,000 People
West Virginia 5,702
Vermont 3,665
Delaware 3,390
Wyoming 3,276
Alaska 3,223
Rhode Island 3,095
North Dakota 3,019
Maine 2,996
Hawaii 2,977
New Hampshire 2,968
South Dakota 2,807
DC 2,727
Montana 2,666
Nevada 2,664
Nebraska 2,559
Kansas 2,487
New Mexico 2,456
Mississippi 2,440
Arkansas 2,415
Connecticut 2,381
Louisiana 2,304
Oregon 2,229
Idaho 2,227
Colorado 2,224
Kentucky 2,219
Maryland 2,192
Oklahoma 2,187
Alabama 2,180
Virginia 2,140
Utah 2,125
South Carolina 2,123
Massachusetts 2,113
Iowa 2,106
Missouri 2,102
Tennessee 2,074
Georgia 2,072
Washington 2,043
Arizona 1,952
North Carolina 1,941
Indiana 1,927
New Jersey 1,926
Minnesota 1,913
Illinois 1,856
Wisconsin 1,834
Michigan 1,795
New York 1,793
Ohio 1,725
Pennsylvania 1,708
Texas 1,653
Florida 1,648
California 1,524

Platforms with the most forgotten passwords
• Gmail and iCloud lead the list of platforms where users forget their passwords the most
As we increasingly rely on digital platforms for a wide range of tasks and activities, one of the most prevalent challenges we face is remembering passwords in our various online accounts and applications, including email and social media.

Customer Service Number utilized Google search data to establish which online accounts/applications people most forget the password for.
The study found that Gmail is the online account/application people most forget the password for, with an astonishing average of 1,194,970 global online searches per month for ‘forgot Gmail password’ – the equivalent of 39,832 online searches a day.

Gmail’s service highlights its widespread use and the periodic necessity of regaining access to email accounts.

Following closely is Apple’s ICloud, recording 1,053,070 monthly searches. Apple’s cloud storage and synchronization service reflects its integral role in the lives of users who occasionally need assistance with password recovery.

Instagram is in third place with 761,410 global online searches every month from those struggling to remember their password on Instagram.

In the fourth spot is Facebook, which has an average of 504,600 global monthly online searches from users unable to correctly recall their password (‘forgot Facebook password’).

Closely behind in fifth place is "Forgot Microsoft password", with 259,330 monthly searches.

Snapchat (111,900), Spotify (100,120), Yahoo (68,000) and Amazon (67,820) are among the other online accounts/applications that receive more than 100,000 global online searches, ranking sixth seventh, eighth and ninth, respectively.

At the other end in 10th position is PlayStation with an average of 54,530 global online searches a month for ‘forgot PlayStation password’ from consumers who cannot adequately remember their password for the leading gaming platform.

Here’s the full list:
No. Online Platform Monthly Search Volume
1 Gmail 1,194,970
2 ICloud 1,053,070
3 Instagram 761,410
4 Facebook 504,600
5 Microsoft 259,330
6 Snapchat 111,900
7 Spotify 100,120
8 Yahoo 68,000
9 Amazon 67,820
10 PlayStation 54,530
11 Twitter 17,950
12 Discord 16,230
13 Netflix 10,160
14 Steam 6,410
15 Paypal 5,520

Alain Vartanian, a tech expert at Customer Service Number provided top tips to create a strong password and remember it:

Use a line from your favorite book or song

Find a line from a song, poem, or literary piece that resonates with you. Opt for something less renowned and not widely recognized.

You can open your book to any page, and pick a line or phrase that speaks to you. If you wish, you can mark this line and fold the page corner to ensure quick retrieval in the future.

You might even consider incorporating the page or line number into your password for added personal significance.

Create unique passwords inspired by your surrounding
Many of us are usually sitting at our computer desks when we need to remember different passwords. That’s why it can be useful to look around and describe something in your surroundings as a foundation for your password.

You can talk about your desktop background, the view from your window, objects nearby, or pictures on your wall. Just make sure your description is unique and not something you’d commonly use.

Get inspired by your keyboard
Use your imagination to come up with a strong password by creating a pattern on your keyboard. Try to make it a shape and use letters and numbers in your design.

Use a reputable password manager
Think about using a reliable password manager. With plenty of user-friendly options out there, you can simplify the task of remembering all your online account logins. Password managers keep your login info in one spot and can help you log in automatically. They secure your password list with one master password (the only one you need to remember)

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