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In the face of over 223,104 legal requests in Q2, CyberGhost’s Transparency Report affirms solid No Logs Commitment

August 2023 by CyberGhost

As part of its ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, CyberGhost VPN has released its 2023 Q2 Transparency Report.

The CyberGhost team has conducted transparency reports every quarter since 2019, to provide users with insights into the VPN company’s privacy practices, as well as the measures taken to safeguard user data. The 2023 Q2 report includes information about the number of data requests received from governments and law enforcement agencies, as well as details on how CyberGhost responded to these requests.

"CyberGhost VPN received almost a quarter of a million demands for user data in the last quarter alone— which of course we couldn’t fulfil thanks to our No Logs policy. It’s not enough to make claims and assurances, as privacy leaders we pride ourselves on giving users the full picture of how we manage their privacy so they can truly trust us." said Mihai Rida, Digital Rights Advocate at CyberGhost VPN.

"By publishing our 2023 Q2 Transparency Report, we aim to provide our users with a clear understanding of how we handle data requests and maintain their privacy. This is part of our commitment to every user and is essential to continue to build customer trust." added Rida.

From April-June 2023, the company received a total of 223,104 legal requests made up of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Complaints and Malicious activity flags. CyberGhost VPN was unable to provide any information pertaining to these requests due to its strict No Logs Policy and the fact that its server infrastructure is designed not to retain any user data.

Malicious activity flags, which are received should an authority notice that a CyberGhost IP address was used for a potentially malicious activity (for example DDoS attacks or suspicious login attempts), were down by 16% from Q1. In addition, zero police requests from criminal investigations were received during this period, continuing this trend from Q1 of this year. CyberGhost’s infrastructure team continues to work to tackle abuse of their service and to block illegal and malicious domains. The report’s findings indicate a positive trend in how this is helping to mitigate malicious activity.

In an era of increasing interest in and concern about online privacy, CyberGhost VPN remains dedicated to ensuring its users’ information is completely secure and confidential. By providing a transparent and comprehensive report on its privacy practices, CyberGhost aims to empower users with knowledge of how the company operates, enabling them to understand how their privacy is protected. Regular transparency reports are an important indicator of a VPN’s trustworthiness and attitude towards confidentiality.

CyberGhost VPN is consistently recognized for its commitment to privacy and security, making it the trusted choice for millions of users worldwide.

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