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World Password Day Max Gannon, Cyber Intelligence Team Manager at Cofense comments

May 2024 by Max Gannon, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cofense

Ahead of World Password Day on Thursday, May 2,the commentary from Max Gannon, Cyber Intelligence Team Manager at Cofense.

"Every year, World Password Day serves as an important reminder to organizations and individuals alike of the importance of keeping digital defenses strong, starting with our passwords. Simply relying on a complex password is not enough. It’s very important that passwords not be reused elsewhere. That is what can get people. A single data breach on one platform can compromise an individual’s password, leaving them vulnerable to threat actors attempting to use the same password on other sites.

While creating unique and complex passwords is an important step to securing data, it is also important to remember that threat actors are continuously looking for new ways to breach systems. Attackers take advantage of weak links in organizations, targeting employees with password expiration scams and credential phishing. In 2023, credential phishing was responsible for 91% of active threat reports published. Credential phishing remains a top concern for cyber threats, so while keeping passwords up to date is important, employees must be trained to look out for these threats to safely secure their credentials. Organizations must equip their employees with the proper knowledge to detect these threats and effectively mitigate any potential cyberattacks."

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