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World Password Day: Comment from RingCentral’s CISO

May 2024 by Michael Armer, RingCentral’s CISO.

In today’s digital landscape, where cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, a strong password is an essential first line of defense against unauthorised access to personal and professional accounts.

1. What does ’the end of the password’ mean in practical terms?

Passwords have been a crucial facet of the cybersecurity world – they provide the first line of defence against unauthorised access to important data on countless technological devices. This shift to passkeys or a passwordless future is a huge move for businesses but presents an opportunity to improve security protocols and ensure all areas of your business are protected. This shift can result in:

• Improved user experiences – remembering multiple passwords can become cumbersome, leading to password fatigue and the temptation to use weak passwords for ease of remembering. The transition would reduce the burden on users to protect their information.
• Mitigating against cyber-attacks – many industries are subject to data protection and privacy regulations that require strong security measures. Transitioning away from passwords ensures better security practices and minimising risk of external attacks.
• Keeping at pace with the evolving threat landscape – cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and traditional passwords can create vulnerabilities within a business. Shifting from this method can increase agility, allowing you to stay ahead of potential security risks, maintaining trust and reputation with end users.

2. What are some concrete strategies businesses can follow to prepare their route away from passwords?

• Education and communication – your employees are a key component of your security protocols and education is an important way to ensure everyone understands the changes being made and why this is being done. Organisations should consider providing training on the new authentication mechanism to ensure a smooth transition away from passwords.
• Regular security audits – survey your security protocols to identify and address any vulnerability in your process and ensure they are resolved quickly.
• Implement solutions with highest security standards already implemented – systems embedded with enterprise grade E2EE encryption ensures businesses are always protected, adhering to current regulation standards, without sacrificing user experience.

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