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Wago and Radiflow Join Forces to Strengthen OT Security at Customers

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

WAGO and Radiflow enter into a partnership and combine their competencies in the future: WAGO is one of the leading international suppliers of electrical interconnection and automation technology. As a specialist in OT cybersecurity, Radiflow offers globally successful cybersecurity solutions and services for critical infrastructure and industrial automation. Together, they aim to strengthen resilience against potential cyber threats and make the OT networks of critical infrastructure and industrial environments as secure as possible.

In today’s interconnected world, cyber threats are more acute than ever, and pose significant challenges to organizations of all sizes. Cyber attacks on OT networks, systems and devices can disrupt operations, compromise security and lead to significant financial losses.

By integrating Radiflow’s innovative cybersecurity software solutions into WAGO’s industry- leading products and services, customers benefit in many ways:

● Advanced threat detection:
WAGO Cyber Security Network Sight software is based on iSID from Radiflow and enables real-time monitoring and detection of anomalous network behavior.
Continuous monitoring helps companies identify cyber threats at an early stage and respond to them as quickly as possible.

● Increased security through network segmentation:
WAGO Cyber Security Analysis, based on Radiflow’s CIARA, is an automated risk assessment and management platform for companies from the industrial, energy and building sectors. Based on the analysis results, users can implement robust network segmentation strategies and significantly minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

● Inventory and risk assessment:
WAGO Cyber Security Analysis is used to create a resource management tailored to the customer and to perform a risk assessment. This allows an up-to-date inventory of the OT measures implemented, proactively identify vulnerabilities and measure the effectiveness of risk reduction strategies.

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