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Utimaco Extends Trust as a Service Cloud Marketplace with General Purpose HSM

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

Utimaco announced its expanded Trust as a Service marketplace with new features and deployment options. The enhanced marketplace enables businesses to choose between on-premises or cloud-based options seamlessly in a single-pane view. Utimaco’s General Purpose Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a Service allows customers to reduce capital and labor costs without the need for a dedicated server room, secure environment set-up, or data center selection.

Trust as a Service offers customers:

• Reduced total cost of ownership – Eliminates on-site expenses and hardware investments while also cutting down hardware and staffing costs.
• Flexible deployment and easy scalability – Trust as a Service seamlessly meshes with current business operations, adapts with agility, and can be effortlessly scaled to meet a business’s unique needs.
• Backed by high security physical setup – Trust as a Service is equipped with proven HSM technology and delivers the most robust security that’s trusted by critical infrastructure, with 4 data centers and 6 local zones deployed globally.

The Trust as a Service marketplace now offers the following services with more on the roadmap:

• General Purpose HSM as a Service – Provides access to high-security HSMs fully hosted by Utimaco, but under the customer’s sole remote control, enabling secure key generation, storage, and management with no setup, maintenance, or implementation effort required.
• Payment Hardware Security Module as a Service – Offers a suite of fully managed services as an alternative to operating a self-owned estate of Payment HSMs in data centers. No investment in hardware, secure facilities, or management resources needed.
• File and Folder Encryption as a Service – Expedient go-live solution that protects files and folders against unauthorized internal and external access, irrespective of data storage location, whether at rest or in motion.
• Key Exchange and Escrow as a Service – Provides trusted cryptographic key management with round-the-clock access to staff for execution of reliable and secure on-demand cryptographic key operations.
• eInvoice Signature as a Service – Provides eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures to ensure trust in invoices. It enables businesses to generate, validate, and archive Qualified Electronic Signatures.
• Device Attestation as a Service – Establishes unique identities for IoT devices, enhancing security and enabling remote management for effortless control over cryptographic key injection, ensuring integrity and trustworthiness throughout operations.
• Timestamp as a Service – Provides Qualified Electronic Timestamps, enables eIDAS-compliant proof of time and content, and allows organizations to gather trustworthy legal evidence that a document has remained unaltered.

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