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Radiflow Joins Forces with Opscura

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

Radiflow and Opscura, a specialist in industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity, announce a joint technology partnership aimed at delivering advanced industrial cybersecurity solutions. This collaboration will leverage Radiflow’s expertise in OT cybersecurity and Opscura’s innovative data protection technologies to deliver enhanced, end-to-end protection for industrial networks and systems.

Industry and critical infrastructure are increasingly under attack, as sophisticated nation-state threat actors look to disrupt operations. Integrating the technologies and capabilities of Radiflow and Opscura, the partnership delivers an unprecedented level of advanced threat detection, encryption, legacy-asset cloaking, and monitoring of the OT environment. Customers can take advantage of rapid, cost-effective segmentation and protection of OT networks as they enhance security through network visibility, automatic threat detection, and data-driven risk management.

Opscura’s flexible solutions can be seamlessly added into the OT environment, making cyber-physical security cost-effective, simple, and immediate. Opscura equipment transmits compressed and encrypted traffic to the Radiflow OT Security Platform. Radiflow continuously monitors and analyzes the security of the network against the latest threat intelligence, detecting anomalies that might indicate cyber incidents.

Radiflow and Opscura are committed to empowering industrial operators with the tools and insights necessary to defend against evolving cyber threats. This partnership enhances security and provides a clear, actionable path toward achieving and maintaining compliance with directives and standards such as NIS2. With this collaboration, customers can confidently operate their OT environments, knowing they are equipped with state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions that protect against both current and future threats.

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