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Pindrop launched Audio-Based ANI Validation

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Enterprise security company Pindrop has been beating its drum on, and proving, the benefits of ANI Validation for a long time. Through key partners like Verizon and the acquisition of device verification pioneer NextCaller, Pindop has heavily invested in this critical component of device validation via in-house development.

Now, in their quest to constantly innovate authentication within its scalable cloud-based solutions, they recently announced a new feature that expands access to this powerful authentication signal by relying on something every call has – audio. With Audio-Based ANI Validation, Pindrop’s customers can:
• Validate caller ANIs and spoofing risk through call audio
• Achieve more advanced security by offering multi-factor ANI Validation when carrier data and call audio are present
• Integrate seamlessly with other authentication feedback to provide one single score and tiered authentication policies housed in one unified platform

With this new feature, up to 84% of calls can be verified using audio alone. Call validation increases to as high as a 92% verification rate when combined with existing ANI Validation methods. Plus, in 2024, Pindrip is on track to expand this to four validation factors targeting a 95%+ verification rate — taking the work off of your call centers and not frustrating your callers throughout the process.

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