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Optiv has launched Optiv MDR

July 2024 by Marc Jacob

Optiv has launched its managed detection and response service, Optiv MDR, on the Google Security Operations (SecOps) platform, enabling organizations to rapidly detect and respond to emerging threats with industry-leading managed threat detection and response capabilities.

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for enterprises as they look to invest in technology tools that enable timely, continuous detection and response to evolving threats. Managing those threats has proven to be a key business priority. A recent Optiv report shows that nearly 60% of organizations have increased cyber budgets year-over-year. And while organizations are investing in more technologies, 40% of security professionals believe they have too many; only 29% feel that they have the right number of tools.

Optiv MDR accelerates threat detection and response by leveraging the power of Google AI to analyze vast amounts of log data, supplement analyst capabilities with natural language queries, and identify threats and anomalies that indicate malicious activity. Optiv’s proprietary data and detection engineering, SOAR, ITDR and lightning-fast log analysis further enhance capabilities.

With Optiv MDR, clients can:

• Reduce their SecOps strain with Optiv to minimize internal struggles with technology sprawl and complexity, limited integrations, staffing shortages, specialized skill gaps and limited geographic span to tackle global threats
• Have flexibility to work with many vendors across Optiv’s more than 450 partner ecosystem
• Embrace SecOps modernization and capabilities, innovative technologies like SOAR and AI-powered capabilities to improve security efficiency
• Work with a cloud agnostic solution, allowing them to ingest data from all major cloud providers

Additionally, Optiv MDR gives organizations access to data visualization and alerts, automated and manual threat hunting capabilities, 24/7/365 visibility into the cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments, and more.

With the expertise and ability to meet clients where they are in their security journey, Optiv MDR provides a seamless experience for those concerned about efficiency and security maturity/modernization.

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