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OPSWAT Sets New Standard in Cybersecurity

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

OPSWAT announces that it has achieved a 100% Protection and Accuracy Score from SE Labs, an independently-owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. OPSWAT is the first company to achieve this rating in CDR testing.

Cybercriminals frequently exploit vulnerabilities using file-based threats to compromise system security and execute malicious activities on a user’s device or network. OPSWAT’s Deep CDR employs a prevention-based approach and treats every file as a potential threat. By dissecting files into discrete components, eliminating potentially harmful or out-of-policy objects, and reconstructing usable files while preserving functionality, OPSWAT ensures comprehensive protection without compromising file integrity.
SE Labs tested using Office documents, archive files, and others such as images, web pages, and LNK link files, and with a malware component that would give the testers remote access to the victim if they opened the file. SE Labs then scored two aspects of OPSWAT’s Deep CDR: Protection Accuracy to score the ability to eliminate threats, and Legitimate Accuracy to score the preservation of useful components. OPSWAT Deep CDR achieved 100% in both categories, demonstrating its capability to ensure both security and file integrity. Its unique approach of discarding non-compliant parts while maintaining the usability of compliant components contributed to its perfect score.

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