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Onyxia Introduces AI to Cybersecurity Management Platform to Power Predictive Security Program Management

April 2024 by Patrick LEBRETON

AI and ML Solution provides CISOs with a predictive, deeper level of security analysis and management

Onyxia Cyber, leaders in cybersecurity management, today unveiled OnyxAI, Onyxia’s AI-driven Predictive Cybersecurity Management Engine, to deliver powerful insights that enable security leaders to proactively optimize security performance, resource allocation, and risk management.

OnyxAI uses statistical analysis, machine learning, and generative AI, including LLM and NLP models, to analyze data gathered from the organization’s entire security ecosystem. With the integration of OnyxAI, Onyxia’s Cybersecurity Management Platform will help security staff identify overlaps and redundancies in their security stack, receive suggestions on how to improve security program performance, and gain program trend predictions that could reduce risk and prevent future crises.

Last year, Onyxia launched its Cybersecurity Management Platform to help CISOs and security leaders better measure the performance of an enterprise’s cybersecurity programs and reduce risk. The platform enables this by combining Cybersecurity Defense Planning and Optimization (CDPO), Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA), and Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) into one solution.

Leveraging OnyxAI insights and inputs, CISOs can truly make their strategic security decisions in a data-driven way across multiple domains, including Detection & Response, Vulnerability Management, Training and Awareness, Cloud Security, Identity & Access Management, and Device Management. Key benefits include:

 Building a stronger security program through predictive recommendations

 Optimizing a security strategy by identifying gaps and redundancies

 Saving valuable time by conducting a deeper analysis of program performance.

 Enabling CISOs to save costs and optimize their security program budget by providing budgetary insights

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