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New Research Finds How New & Old Security Threats Keep Persisting

March 2024 by Cymulate

The report, by Cymulate, pulls data from over 500 Cymulate customers and demonstrates the proactive approach organizations are taking to address new and existing threats to their security posture. For example: 63% of organizations report at least one instance of publicly exposed management services, underscoring the critical need for continuous exposure management and security validation.

Other key findings include:
• A thorough analysis on pikabot, the latest emerging malware threat, which has effectively penetrated security controls for organizations 53% of the time
• Unaddressed, older flaws remain a security risk, as is the case with vulnerable cipher suites for HTTPS, which was identified in 30% of scans
• An overall 5% decrease in control effectiveness based on the average score of controls and vectors, highlighting the importance of security validation practices

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