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My1Login releases new platform features to enhance security and support enterprise cloud migration

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

My1Login announced the release of four new features to its security platform, which will enhance the user experience and provide a Zero Login experience for all enterprise Active Directory and Entra Directory users.

My1Login protects organisations against today’s most frequent and damaging attack vector – password phishing. Using its innovative and award-winning platform, organisations can rely on My1Login to improve their defences against password phishing while also improving employee productivity.

The platform provides Single Sign-On and Enterprise Password Management for users, meaning they no longer need to manage or handle passwords to access enterprise applications. Instead, once they are authenticated with the corporate directory, My1Login utilises this delegated trust to securely grant them access to all the applications they require without any further user authentication. Password policies for external applications can be centrally enforced using the My1Login platform by automating the generation and updating of passwords for user accounts. These can subsequently be hidden from users, which means they never see, know, or manage them. This provides significant defences against phishing, because even when realistic scams do reach user inboxes, employees cannot be tricked into handing over their passwords because they simply don’t know them.

The latest updates to My1Login’s platform have been designed to improve efficiency, provide more security functions for users and support organisations as they increasingly migrate to the cloud.

The latest features include:

 Microsoft Entra Integration:
This feature eliminates user friction, reduces IT administration and increases security by integrating with Microsoft Entra to provide users with the security benefits of My1Login across all their on-prem and cloud environments. The feature also reduces IT administration by automating the provisioning and de-provisioning of My1Login accounts by regularly synchronising users and groups with the Entra Directory.
 Migration Assistant:
This feature enables administrators to efficiently migrate identities belonging to users in one My1Login account to users within another My1Login account. The feature supports organisations during mergers and acquisitions, when they wish to consolidate corporate directories into a single My1Login account, or where an organisation want to migrate employee credentials from one My1Login account into another.
 Service Desk Administrator Role:
This feature improves security by enabling administrators to create My1Login user accounts with a delegated, restricted set of permissions, including managing user access, unlocking accounts and viewing user activity.
 Temporal Access
This feature improves security by ensuring that user and workgroup access to specific identities is only available within defined periods of time. Multiple defined day and time windows can be set for any user within the platform.

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