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Logpoint has announced the release of Logpoint Business-Critical Security

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

Logpoint has announced the release of Logpoint Business-Critical Security (BCS) for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), a threat detection and monitoring solution for applications built and managed on the SAP BTP platform. Logpoint BCS for SAP BTB offers extensive threat visibility, which helps secure the platform against malicious activities.

SAP BTP is a set of integrated services and tools that facilitate application development, deployment, and management. It offers database and data management, analytics, machine learning, and more capabilities, making it a versatile platform for creating various applications, including web and mobile applications. However, as SAP BTP serves as a central point to the entire cloud infrastructure, it potentially provides threat actors with access to applications built on the platform and all integrations between SAP BTP and other applications.

Logpoint BCS for SAP BTP empowers organisations to proactively mitigate threats and keep attacks at bay with real-time monitoring of security related events such as logins, users’ geography, timeframes and changes to roles and configurations. The new solution helps organisations to save time, resources and alleviates alert fatigue with intuitive dashboards, offering an easy and prioritised overview of security incidents. Logpoint BCS for SAP BTP allows users to act promptly and effectively mitigate threats.

Logpoint BCS for SAP BTP is an add-on to Logpoint BCS for SAP solutions, which provides visibility across the SAP environment and empowers organisations to effectively respond to threats. Logpoint BCS for SAP integrates with Logpoint’s Converged SIEM platform, delivering comprehensive threat detection and incident response across the entire IT infrastructure.

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