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iboss Launches Government Protective DNS Module to Fortify Cyber Defenses

January 2024 by Marc Jacob

iboss unveils its new capability: the Government Protective DNS Module. This module represents a strategic leap in cybersecurity, focusing explicitly on the needs of government agencies. In a digital environment where threats continually evolve, and DNS vulnerabilities are routinely exploited, iboss’ latest offering ensures that government digital assets are fortified with the gold standard of protective measures.

The criticality of DNS in network systems has been exploited by attackers for data exfiltration and establishing Command and Control Centers for malware and ransomware. Techniques such as DNS tunneling allow attackers to stealthily exfiltrate data through DNS queries, evading detection by conventional security mechanisms. Government agencies are particularly vulnerable, necessitating a cybersecurity solution that transcends conventional protective measures and is aligned with the mandates of regulatory authorities such as the NSA and CISA.

The iboss Government Protective DNS Module offers an exquisite solution to these challenges. It’s custom-built to meet the requirements of government agencies, providing each with unique per-agency IP addresses essential for integration with CISA’s Protective DNS service. This integration enables the meticulous screening of every DNS query, ensuring thorough protection against potential threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts.

How it Works

iboss’ innovative module is designed for seamless integration and operational excellence. The process begins by providing CISA with unique, agency-dedicated IP addresses from iboss. These IP addresses are crucial for forwarding DNS queries to CISA’s Protective DNS. Agencies can configure iboss to forward DNS queries directly to CISA, ensuring that every DNS request is securely processed and logged for compliance and security purposes.

iboss has simplified the deployment process with Cloud Connector agents. These agents can be easily installed on government devices, ensuring the encryption and secure transmission of DNS requests across all networks. The technology is designed for adaptability, providing comprehensive agency-wide protection by redirecting all DNS queries through iboss’ secure infrastructure before forwarding them to CISA’s Protective DNS.


The Government Protective DNS Module brings a plethora of benefits, ensuring complete compliance with government DNS requirements. It’s fortified with advanced threat detection capabilities and DNS Rate Limiting, enhancing the security infrastructure’s capability to thwart various threats such as DNS tunneling and phishing attacks.

The solution also provides encryption of DNS queries, capturing and securing logs centrally, even from remote workers, to meet OMB requirements. It seamlessly integrates with SIEMs, forwarding logs in real-time, thus facilitating real-time threat analysis and response. It’s also designed to forward all DNS queries to CISA’s Protective DNS Resolvers, ensuring comprehensive security regardless of the users’ locations.


iboss’ Government Protective DNS Module is more than a cybersecurity solution; it is a strategic asset that empowers government agencies with the resilience and robustness required to safeguard their digital frontiers. This enhanced capability of iboss represents a revolutionary advance in cybersecurity, embodying the essence of innovation, protection, and compliance.

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