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iboss Launches Groundbreaking Digital Experience Management to Enhance User Connectivity to Business-critical SaaS Applications

September 2023 by Marc Jacob

iboss unveiled its state-of-the-art Digital Experience Management (DEM), designed to offer organizations an unmatched insight into the user experience when connecting to business-critical SaaS applications. With the migration of vital applications to the cloud, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless connectivity has become paramount. This capability bridges the gap by providing IT teams with real-time metrics and insights to optimize connectivity, bolstering workforce efficiency.

A comprehensive solution, the iboss Digital Experience Management feature not only offers dashboards showing response times and latency between users and applications, but also pinpoints anomalies, such as slower connections, relative to their peers. This invaluable data aids in the proactive identification and resolution of potential issues, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

How iboss DEM Works

Central to the new DEM capability is iboss’s Zero Trust SASE cloud security platform. Upon connecting users and devices, the platform continuously measures essential connection metrics, like DNS and response times. With iboss’s inherent ability to make per-request access decisions, each transaction is paired with timing and latency metrics.

Leveraging these metrics, the Digital Experience Management capability provides deep insights into the application resource, user, and device connection performance. The dashboards spotlight latency and timing for resources, users, and assets, and those experiencing high latency or slower connections relative to their peers.

Key Benefits
• Amplifies user productivity by swiftly identifying and addressing connectivity challenges.
• Delivers real-time insights for swift resolution of performance impediments.
• Facilitates proactive IT support with a comprehensive view of user connectivity.
• Powers strategic decision-making with robust application performance data.
• Ensures optimum performance of vital SaaS applications.
• Curbs helpdesk calls by proactively pinpointing and mitigating connectivity and performance issues.

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