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iDenfy announces a new partnership with Beera Station

January 2023 by Marc Jacob

iDenfy, a global ID verification, compliance and fraud prevention platform, partnered with Beera Station, a self-pouring beer machine network. The partnership with iDenfy will help onboard customers and stop minors from accessing the age-restricted service.

Failing to comply with regulations can result in hefty fines, a damaged reputation, and closed doors on further opportunities for any business. As iDenfy officials explain, that is the reason why age-restricted services need to be protected using reliable digital security tools, such as identity verification. Beera Station agrees with this proactive approach, explaining that its main priority is to protect minors while ensuring a swift and user-friendly experience for its customers.

Beera Station specializes in the food and beverage industry. The company is best known for its unique self-service beer stations where, according to the business, consumers can pour and drink beer their own way. Beera Station’s app, Tappster, provides convenience and efficiency since customers no longer need to wait in line for the bartender’s assistance. Beera Station wanted to take advantage of the latest technology. That’s when the company started looking for advanced age verification measures and partnered with iDenfy.

Beera Station had two goals before partnering with iDenfy. One of them was finding a reliable third-party provider to take care of the complete identity verification process. The other was to install a solution that wouldn’t compromise user experience. iDenfy fulfilled all requirements and ensured compliance with KYC/GDPR rules. Right now, iDenfy is responsible for safely onboarding new customers that download the Tappster app.

The implemented four-step identity verification service helps restrict minors from accessing beer stations. iDenfy’s AI-powered Know Your Customer (KYC) solution automatically recognizes and extracts data from more than 2,500 identity documents across 190+ countries. This helps Beera Station conduct simple yet effective document analysis without disrupting the beer pouring experience.

iDenfy explains that while it’s mandatory to follow age verification requirements, the increasing number of customers and the alarming risks are pushing even more companies that operate in a similar field to look for AI-powered identity verification solutions. Such success comes from automated software’s speed, accuracy, and ability to spot fraud in real-time without human intervention.

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