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Human Risk Management innovator Praxis Security Labs announces key new hire

April 2024 by Patrick LEBRETON

Human Risk Management innovator Praxis Security Labs has hired former Amazon DevSecOps engineer Kim Engebretsen to the role of head of engineering. The appointment is a key one for Praxis as it builds-out the capabilities of its Praxis Navigator solution, which uses behavioral data to help organizations to optimize their cyber-resilience against social engineering-style cyberattacks.

Engebretsen has over 10 years of experience that spans the full spectrum of cybersecurity management. A DevSecOps specialist, he has developed particular and unique expertise in automating and integrating security tools and processes that assist development teams in identifying and tracking vulnerabilities and risks. He holds multiple professional cybersecurity certifications including CISSP, CISM, CEH, as well as professional and speciality AWS certifications covering security, DevOps, solutions architecture and development.

CEO of Praxis Security Labs, Kai Roer, added: "Kim would be a terrific addition to any company, but he will be of huge value to a cybersecurity-focused company like Praxis. His exceptional engineering expertise, developed at companies operating at huge scale like ADP and Amazon, will ensure we always build products and solutions that are secure, reliable and scalable, from the ground up. He’s also a skilled communicator and public speaker, who will be able to evangelize our solutions far and wide."

Human Risk Management (HRM) has emerged recently to address the increasingly significant limitations of traditional Security Awareness Training. In the vanguard of HRM solution providers, Praxis Security Labs enables customers [organizations] to continuously measure, understand and act to improve their security culture, all contributing to their overall cyber-resilience.

Praxis Navigator – the company’s first HRM software solution – ensures customer organizations benefit from the vast trove of usually-siloed human behavioral data that they unwittingly generate every day. Praxis Navigator automatically analyzes and contextualizes those data, before delivering concrete recommendations for improvements. Over time, organizations become ever better-equipped to avoid falling victim to the sort of AI-enabled, social engineering-type attacks that manipulate humans to evade technological cyber security measures.

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