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Exterro Launches New Data Retention Solution

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

Exterro announced the launch of its updated Exterro Data Retention, the world’s most trusted solution for developing defensible global data retention schedules. With Exterro Data Retention, enterprises can streamline the implementation and maintenance of retention schedules across the entire organization, providing a clear audit trail and enabling users to easily communicate the retention schedule and its requirements to both internal and external stakeholders.

Exterro Data Retention is unique in its ability to capture a broad range of record types and personal and sensitive data, along with their context, and then map these records to precisely tailored retention rules to optimize data risk management. Its streamlined workflows and collaboration features save significant time for employees, enabling them to focus on higher-value activities. The solution draws upon a comprehensive regulatory library of US and international regulations and best practices that are easily actionable with the use of other tools in the Exterro platform. When coupled with Exterro Data Discovery, it also enhances data security with defensible deletion, intelligent reporting, and proactive alerts regarding retention and disposition obligations, significantly diminishing the risk of cyber breaches.

Exterro Data Retention offers unique features for enterprises seeking tighter control over their data, including:
• Wide-Ranging Records Coverage: The solution features more than 750 out-of-the-box records encompassing various business functions and data types, enabling streamlined management of both electronic and physical records and effortless development of a global data retention schedule.
• Mapping to Comprehensive Regulatory Library: Exterro Data Retention meticulously maps its records collection to a comprehensive library of global retention regulations and industry best practices, spanning more than 300 jurisdictions and nearly 300,000 citations.
• Harmonization of Complex Global Retention Requirements: The solution expertly balances conflicting retention requirements across multiple jurisdictions, enabling seamless compliance and efficient records management globally.
• Robust Collaboration Features: Exterro Data Retention enables stakeholders both within and outside the organization to collaborate in real time on the creation and updating of retention schedules. It provides a notification system, allows easy publication of the current version of retention schedule both internally and externally, and facilitates simultaneous access for multiple users to work on the same retention schedule, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration.
• Comprehensive Audit Trail: The solution maintains detailed records of all changes and communications in the retention schedule, providing a clear audit trail in regulatory investigations and demonstrating transparent, responsible record handling.
• Roles-based Access Controls: Exterro Data Retention enables organizations to segregate a user’s access to only the record types relevant to their specific roles, safeguarding privacy and security.
In addition to boosting operational efficiency, the solution helps organizations minimize the risk of fines and penalties, reduce the risk associated with data breaches and associated costs, and reduce data storage costs.

Exterro, Inc. is the preferred provider of data risk management software designed specifically in-house legal, privacy, data governance and IT teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organizations. Exterro Data Retention is available now.

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