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Eviden introduces the Lifelink Hoox T40

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

Eviden announces the availability of its next-generation secure phone solution, the Lifelink Hoox T40. This all-in-one solution, designed and assembled in France protects high-level confidentiality and prevents undesirable behaviors such as the use of malware, virus, rootkit or unwanted connections to servers. The Hoox technology is adaptable to COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) smartphones upon request.

With the Lifelink Hoox T40, Eviden delivers a dedicated device designed to safeguard communications confidentiality during critical operations. This highly secure equipment ensures the protection of highly sensitive data, enabling governments and financial institutions to conduct strategic missions securely and confidently. The equipment maintains the security and integrity of exchanged information, ensuring continuous and reliable communications, even in extreme situations where no other smartphone can be relied upon. With this new offering, customers benefit from a discreet, highly confidential solution tailored to their needs.
During high-risk operations and sensitive missions where confidentiality is crucial, and in which governments as well as financial and legal departments cannot afford any compromise in communication security, it is vital that highly sensitive data is protected from any unauthorized access.

Eviden’s Lifelink Hoox range has been providing highly secure communications and data protection since 2013, featuring specialized hardware and a deeply hardened Android operating system. The Lifelink Hoox range provides unprecedented functions to guarantee full confidentiality such as a secure phone device, secure communication (full encryption of voice and messages), and a secure app store.

The Hoox central system is available in two modes: On customer premises for full customer sovereignty or in SaaS mode, hosted by Eviden.
The equipment and solutions are fully tailored to meet customer needs, in particularly emphasizing autonomy through an extensive battery capacity. They can be delivered as ruggedized smartphones or can be customized to secure a specific model of device chosen by the customer, based on Hoox technology.

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