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Euno Emerges from Stealth with Frictionless Data Model Governance Platform, Secures $6.25M in Seed Funding

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Euno announced it has raised $6.25 million in seed funding and emerged from stealth to launch a dynamic governance solution for data teams at large and scale-up organizations. Euno’s “soft governance” approach empowers business analysts to innovate freely and leverage their expertise in structured query language (SQL) and business intelligence (BI) tools for rapid delivery of data products, while also optimizing centralized modeling governance to drive consistency across an organization.

Business analysts are essential for answering business questions and enabling data-driven decisions. However, too much freedom can lead to data chaos, including inconsistent metrics, duplicates, and siloed logic. As organizations scale, central data teams – which are traditionally in charge of data governance – struggle to balance the autonomy of business analysts with the governance of consistent data models.

The integration of AI-driven analytics and advanced AI features within widely used BI tools underscores the heightened importance of data model governance even more. The ever-evolving business logic, shaped by business analysts, must be carefully coded into the data layer through swiftly governed processes. This is essential not only to maintain the consistency of data models, which is pivotal for training AI, but also to bolster the production of trustworthy insights driven by AI.

Euno serves as a pivotal tool in streamlining collaboration between central data teams and business analysts. It detects newly modeled business logic within integrated BI applications like Looker and Tableau, and guides users through the process of integrating these logical components into the shared data model (i.e. “shift left”). This includes identifying new logic, automatically generating code to capture this logic at the data layer, and synchronizing changes back to BI applications. This ensures an aligned and central source of truth for an organization’s business logic.

At the core of Euno’s technology is a business logic discovery tool that equips data teams with automated business logic mapping across platforms. This tool offers a unified catalog and an end-to-end lineage view of business logic for efficient exploration and management of data model calculations, descriptions, and usage. Euno integrates with dbt™️ and also optimizes the implementation and expansion of dbt, which is designed to meet organizations at any stage of their dbt journey – whether they have fully transitioned to dbt or are still managing legacy logic. Euno represents a paradigm shift, aligning business analyst insights with the methodical expertise of data teams. This approach leverages the power of collaboration at scale, setting a dbt-first standard for data model governance.

Euno was founded in 2023 by Sarah Levy and Eyal Firstenberg – tech leaders with more than 40 years of combined experience in solving cutting-edge problems. Levy, co-founder and CEO, previously served as CTO at Sight Diagnostics and Firstenberg, co-founder and CTO, previously founded LightCyber (acquired by Palo Alto Networks). Also, Levy and Firstenberg are Israel Defense Forces (IDF) veterans. Levy previously served as the head of the cybersecurity department in the IDF and Firstenberg previously served as an officer in Unit 8200 within the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Euno has raised $6.25 million in seed funding led by 10D with participation from INT3 – two leading early stage Israeli funds investing in enterprise software. The round also includes notable angel investors including Barr Moses (co-founder and CEO at Monte Carlo), Lior Gavish (co-founder and CTO at Monte Carlo), and Yoni Broyde (former co-founder and CEO at Alooma). The advisory board includes Mark Nelson (Venture Partner at Madrona, and former CEO and President at Tableau) and Tatsiana Maskalevich (Director of Data Science and Engineering at Netflix).

Euno is generally available for customers and includes integrations with BI applications including Looker, Metabase, and Tableau. Additional integrations will be available in the future.

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