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Darren Williams, Blackfog Comment: 100 Romanian Hospitals Ransomware Attack

February 2024 by Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at Blackfog

Romanian authorities have confirmed that at least 100 hospitals have been taken offline following a ransomware attack against the Hipocrate platform. The attack reportedly took place on the night of Feb 11th, hitting production servers and resulting in encrypted files and databases – rendering them inaccessible by the hospitals. At least 21 hospitals were impacted, with 79 others taken offline as a precaution.
Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of Blackfog comments:

“A bad time for the Healthcare sector, indeed. Following recent reports that the data of 33m people was stolen in France as a result of the Viamedis phishing attack, Romania is the latest victim of cybercriminals targeting the sector to access valuable data for monetary gain.
As Healthcare organisations hold some of the largest amounts of PII on their systems, newer technologies that prevent data exfiltration are the strongest approach for combatting these threats. And with 100 hospitals being taken offline in Romania so far, cybersecurity within the healthcare sector must be a top priority for governments worldwide. Otherwise, we expect cybercriminals to continue with this relentless targeting of victims through social engineering, phishing and other types of attacks.”

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