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Cyber expert warns us to turn these settings off on our phone, immediately

June 2024 by Daniel Harding, Cyber expert at MaxContact

Cyber expert at MaxContact, Daniel Harding warns us of the importance of safeguarding your iPhone from hackers, especially during travel. In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is vital. Recognising potential threats and taking proactive security measures can effectively protect your personal information.

Common Red Flags of iPhone Hacking
Unusual Battery Drain: If your battery depletes faster than usual, it might indicate malicious activity.
Increased Data Usage: Unexpected spikes in data consumption could suggest background applications transmitting your data.
Performance Issues: Frequent crashes, slowdowns, or apps opening without your input can be signs of a compromised device.
Strange Pop-Ups: Intrusive ads or unexpected pop-ups are often associated with malware infections.
Unrecognised Apps: If you find apps on your phone that you didn’t install, it’s a serious red flag.

Essential Security Settings to Disable When Travelling

Turn Off Bluetooth: Prevents unauthorised connections and data transfers.
Disable Auto-Join for Wi-Fi Networks: Avoids connecting to potentially malicious networks.
Location Services: Disable for non-essential apps to protect your privacy.
AirDrop: Set to "Contacts Only" or turn it off completely to prevent unsolicited file sharing.
Siri Access: Disable Siri on the lock screen to prevent access to personal information without unlocking the phone.

Additional Security Tips

Use a VPN: Protects your data when connected to public Wi-Fi.
Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Adds an extra layer of security to your accounts.
Regularly Update iOS: Ensures you have the latest security patches.
Install Security Apps: Consider using reputable security applications for additional protection.

Daniel Harding, Cyber expert from MaxContact says:

Protecting your iPhone from hackers requires vigilance and proactive measures. By being aware of the red flags and adjusting your security settings, especially when travelling, you can significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats. Stay informed and stay secure to enjoy a hassle-free digital experience.

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