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Cubbit announces DS3 Composer

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Cubbit announced general availability of its DS3 Composer, a secure and scalable next-generation cloud solution that places data control back into the hands of MSPs, VARs, and enterprises, by enabling them to build their own sovereign, hyper-resilient, 100% S3-compatible object storage in minutes. Equipping customers with the capability to organise distributed networks of their own design, DS3 Composer delivers cloud with true digital independence, checking compliance and sustainability boxes, and facilitating cost savings of between 50-90%, as compared to traditional cloud storage and on-premises storage solutions. To provide this disruptive solution across Europe, Cubbit has already closed important technology partnerships, including one with HPE, and one with Equinix.

Following the launch in November 2023, Cubbit will be showcasing DS3 Composer at stand R11, CloudFest 2024, Europa-Park, Germany, between 18th and 21st March. The new platform leverages DS3 technology, a multi-tenant, S3 compatible object store developed by Cubbit, already adopted by 250+ companies and MSPs across Europe, including $4.9B cybersecurity global distributor Exclusive Networks and Leonardo, a $14B world leader in defence and cybersecurity.

DS3 Composer collects and aggregates new and recycled resources across the edge, on-prem, and public cloud — exposing them as an S3 object store repository via the SaaS control plane. Resources are organised in geo-distributed networks, and each network node can provide access and capacity via S3 protocol.
The platform delivers cloud with data and infrastructure sovereignty, enabling MSPs and enterprises to transform their business in as little as 15 minutes with four simple steps:

1. Build a storage region / network (Swarm).
2. Deploy a gateway (on-prem, in the public cloud, or at the edge).
3. Create the first tenant (assign resources to end-users).
4. Start doing business.

With no upfront investment required, DS3 Composer is a ready-to-use SaaS software that empowers Cubbit’s partners, MSPs, XSPs, system integrators and VARs to effortlessly become independent object storage cloud providers, with direct customer relations and higher profit margins. In minutes, partners can innovatively transform their business with their own white-labelled object storage, creating new revenue streams by offering their customers a fully-customisable, comprehensive cloud experience, with all the benefits of traditional cloud services and on-premises products. Double ransomware protection means potential attacks on partners’ clients and storage infrastructure can be avoided, as data is protected both client-side (via object lock, versioning and IAM policy) and server-side (via geo-distribution and encryption). From edge to cloud, DS3 Composer nodes can run on any hardware and VM, where each tenant has full control over resources via an intuitive user interface that enables configuration, granular multi-tenancy, monitoring and auditing reports, chargeback and billing features, as well as the possibility to access data from public or private access points, with zero-trust data protection. By building dedicated, certified storage regions for specific industries, be it healthcare, public sector, manufacturing or media & entertainment, Cubbit partners can configure distributed networks entirely suited for regional regulations impacting that sector.

For enterprises, DS3 Composer offers a premium, fully personalised and flexible cloud storage while providing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), and the highest levels of resiliency and ransomware protection. The platform’s intuitive GUI provides optimised data management and end-to-end data orchestration, enabling the build of large-scale infrastructures without the inherent complexity.

The new platform is also designed to align with increasingly important sustainability goals by extending storage hardware lifespan, reducing electronic waste, and minimising carbon footprint. DS3 Composer components are zero-touch, efficient, and optimised to run on limited compute resources, making them perfect for hybrid and multi cloud environments and edge deployments.

DS3 Composer is driven by Cubbit’s own DS3 technology, where, unlike traditional cloud storage, there is no need to store data in centralised data centres. Instead, files uploaded to DS3 are protected by several layers of security, being encrypted, fragmented and then replicated across multiple locations within geo-fenced networks of users’ choice. This capability, together with Cubbit being an EU-based company, alleviates countries’ specific data sovereignty concerns, such as the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (known as the Cloud Act), which has significant implications for organisations with a global footprint, now having to urgently re-evaluate their data storage and management strategies. With Cubbit’s DS3 Composer, businesses can check all the compliance boxes (including NIS2, GDPR, and ISO 27001) while providing data control and hyper-resiliency against ransomware and regional or local disasters, delivering up to 15 nines durability.

Compared to cloud service providers, Cubbit positions itself as a ’cloud enabler’ rather than a ’cloud provider’ or ‘competitor’. Through collaboration with cloud providers, Cubbit delivers key supplemental capabilities to aid cloud providers in achieving data sovereignty and hyper-resiliency, enabling them to access new markets.

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