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AMA teams up with Open Bee to secure and archive critical XpertEye data with probatory vocation

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

AMA CORPORATION PLC announced a strategic partnership with Open Bee, a leader in secure digital archiving technology. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in ensuring AMA’s XE aR+ data integrity and security across several industries.

Open Bee offers a secure, legally binding way of sharing and archiving content generated by XE aR+, including images, video and audio recordings, by adding an immutable digital fingerprint to each file for guaranteed data integrity, security, and authenticity. This integrated approach protects organizations in case of litigation and ensures compliance with standards such as NF Z42-026, avoiding multiple copies and maintaining a single, reliable digitized original copy.

Managing electronic documents
Another key element of this partnership is the ability to automatically classify and securely store XpertEye data in Open Bee’s digital management system (DMS), or to store it in a dedicated safe. All files are filed uniformly throughout the company. This enables files to be searched quickly and easily so that they can be shared securely without compromising their integrity.

Broad applications across industries
The partnership between AMA and Open Bee enables multiple applications, significantly improving data security and integrity in sectors such as audits and compliance, inspections and quality control, assistance and customer support, and legal and administrative proceedings.

For instance, in the context of logistics and supply chain management, the certification of container sealing can now be securely recorded and verified, ensuring that the integrity of goods is maintained from point A to point B. Similarly, in the field of service and maintenance, the new feature allows for a transparent and verifiable record of all maintenance activities performed, ensuring that all service requirements meet the required standards. These use cases highlight how the AMA and Open Bee partnership not only enhances customer service but also offers certified digital evidence for legal and administrative purposes, adding a new layer of trust and efficiency to these critical processes.

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