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Alan Bavosa, Appdome comment: : Apple Security Vulnerability

January 2024 by Alan Bavosa, VP Security Products, Appdome

Following the news of Apple’s urgent zero-day flaw with iOS 17.3, Appdome’s VP Security Products, Alan Bavosa, comments:

“The Apple security vulnerability CVE-2024-23222 and its exploitation in iOS 17.3 is concerning. The recognised potential attack vectors, encompassing remote code execution, spyware, and kernel exploits, underscore the severity of this threat in the realm of mobile security as they could allow attackers to gain total control over iOS devices and compromise any unprotected apps or accounts running on the device.
“However, amidst the foreboding nature of these vulnerabilities, a ray of optimism emerges. Presently, tailored protections are at the disposal of app owners and DevOps teams, offering a means to address and pre-emptively thwart each of these threats by automating mobile app defense. This empowers them to proactively safeguard consumers. For example, Appdome itself is capable of blocking shell code, code injection, remote execution, and kernel-based attacks – effectively fortifying against the very types of attack vectors seen in CVE-2024-23222. In times of adversity, such proactive measures serve as a source of much-needed reassurance for the iOS community.”

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