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Vulcan Cyber is a Launch Partner for Wiz Integrations (WIN) Platform

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Vulcan Cyber announced the launch of the Vulcan Connector for Wiz and a partnership with cloud security provider Wiz as the company unveils Wiz Integrations (WIN). Vulcan Cyber, hand selected as a launch partner, brings the power of the Vulcan Cyber risk management platform to WIN, to help customers seamlessly integrate Wiz into existing vulnerability and asset risk mitigation workflows.

WIN enables Wiz and Vulcan Cyber to share prioritized security risk insights with context including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. Mutual customers receive the following benefits:
● Risk data aggregation, correlation and deduplication for cloud-native infrastructure, application environments and traditional networks
● Security risk prioritized with organizational relevance and asset-based context
● Orchestrated and automated vulnerability risk mitigation campaigns
The combined value of these two offerings will streamline security for organizations that are on a cloud journey, regardless of where they may be on that journey.
The Vulcan Connector for Wiz was one of the first solutions to be built using the new Vulcan Connector engine for efficient, consistent and scalable integration of enterprise volumes of security data. The Vulcan Connector for Wiz aggregates and correlates Wiz cloud vulnerability risk data with associated asset and threat data for contextualized vulnerability risk prioritization. Together, Vulcan Cyber and Wiz help security and cloud operations teams focus on the cyber risk that poses the biggest threat to customers’ organizations, orchestrate mitigating actions, and measure the efficacy of cloud vulnerability remediation efforts.

The Vulcan Cyber integration with Wiz provides cloud security teams with visibility into cloud infrastructure security posture while concurrently delivering the same visibility into other IT and application attack surfaces. Customers use Vulcan Cyber to identify critical risk and attack paths by interpreting volumes of risk and asset data, measuring and prioritizing risk with essential business context, and efficiently orchestrating the work of cloud risk mitigation and remediation validation.

WIN is designed to enable a cloud security operating model where security and cloud teams work collaboratively to understand and control risk across their CI/CD pipeline.
The Vulcan Connector for Wiz was built using the new Vulcan Connector engine which facilitates the integration of security data at scale to help large cyber security organizations aggregate, correlate, and de-duplicate data to accurately measure cyber risk and generate meaningful security posture insights.
Vulnerability risk mitigation is only as impactful as the data used to prioritize remediation actions and to set the right risk mitigation campaigns in motion. The Vulcan Connector engine goes beyond any comparable tool to collect, contextualize and enrich vulnerability scan and asset data, unique asset relationships, and threat intelligence data. The Vulcan Connector engine also allows companies to integrate any unsupported tool into the Vulcan platform within minutes, allowing companies to gain a holistic view of their risk posture.

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