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Veridas Digital Authentication Solution Receives ACCS Accreditation

October 2023 by Marc Jacob

Veridas has received accreditation for its Age Estimation Technology from the UK’s Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) for Evaluation Assurance Level 2.

The Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) is a UKAS-accredited conformity assessment body, comprised of auditors, certification specialists and data protection experts. ACCS independently tests and certifies online and offline systems that check both age and identity, such as passport scanners, biometric technology and age verification software. ACCS is aimed at protecting children from the harm associated with access to age-restricted products, content and services.

Veridas offers a comprehensive age verification solution that leverages advanced AI technology to determine the age of an individual with just a selfie, in a matter of milliseconds. Supported by strong anti-spoofing and deep fake detection , the Veridas approach to Age Verification also incorporates rigorous identity document and biometric checks to be applied if the user’s age is under the required limit. This in-house developed solution reduces the risk of fines and damage to your reputation while providing fast and seamless access for customers.

The ACCS assessment determined Veridas can accurately estimate the age of people under the age of 18 as being under the age of 25 with 99.9% accuracy. This means that Veridas can address an increasingly widespread need to enforce age limitations and safeguards for underage and vulnerable users. Whether through gambling, online gaming or online dating industries, most countries aim to enforce age limits to meet growing regulations.

In this era of technological advancement, electronic age estimation is rapidly gaining prominence. The Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) has established a standardised approach to assess the suitability of age estimation technology for specific age categories. For instance, in the context of a Challenge 25 category, individuals under 25 are required to produce identification to verify that they are indeed over 18 years old.

Veridas privacy-centric age verification works through a simple selfie, validating both whether the individual is currently present and estimating whether or not the individual is under a certain age. This 5-second process enables peace of mind for customers as it empowers users to securely validate their age without compromising personal information.

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