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Through The Firewall The Alchemy Of Turning Crisis Into Opportunity By Boyd Clewis Published by Forbes Books

October 2023 by Marc Jacob

Life can be messy and Boyd Clewis knew all about that. He had an arrest record, struggled academically and financially, and lived with an undiagnosed mental health issue that had shaped his life and decisions in ways he wouldn’t know until much later.

But Clewis overcame numerous obstacles to become a minister and cybersecurity expert. In his new book, Through The Firewall: The Alchemy Of Turning Crisis Into Opportunity, Clewis tells stories from his life to inspire others to open their eyes to opportunities and manifest their destiny.

Clewis shares his experiences in a way that connects with readers who have endured adversity in their lives. He emphasizes the value of hard work, resilience, and perseverance, encouraging readers to never give up on their dreams and keep their sights on their goals. His own life lessons empower readers to review their lives and plan their future. Using his own journey as an example, Clewis says people can reinvent themselves no matter their circumstances.

In this book, readers will learn:

• How to play the hand you’re dealt but not be defined by circumstance
• What happens when you try to ignore your calling
• How everything changes when you have the courage to follow it
• How to transform lives after becoming successful
• How to be intentional about your legacy

About Boyd Clewis

Boyd Clewis is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert and the Forbes Books author of Through The Firewall: The Alchemy Of Turning Crisis Into Opportunity. He is the co-founder of Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity, a member of Forbes Technology Council, and a speaker on cybersecurity who’s been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. Trusted by many of the largest Fortune 500 companies, Clewis plays a significant role in their cybersecurity initiatives. Through his consulting work, Clewis discovered the need for more qualified individuals in the cybersecurity space and now trains other cybersecurity specialists through the Baxter Clewis Training Academy. Clewis has also authored Corporate Security: Proven Ways To Reduce Cybersecurity Breaches.

General information

Title: Through The Firewall: The Alchemy Of Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
Author: Boyd Clewis
Genre: Technology
ISBN: 9798887501802 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9798887501819 (eBook)
Publisher: Forbes Books
Pages: 167

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