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Te defendere et defendere

September 2023 by Patrick Houyoux LL.M. ULB, Brussels, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. President – Director PT SYDECO

Today, in the digital world, the specter of cyberattack looms larger than ever. No one is unaware of the importance of defending themselves against these digital threats anymore, at least having heard about them. However, the same cannot be said in terms of understanding and identifying the essential aspects of protection, which is nevertheless essential for the defense of our own interests and those entrusted to us, against such attacks.

And quite rightly indeed! The digital world with its abstruse term remains a mystery for many of us. So, while terms such as computer attacks, hackers or even data breaches are increasingly part of our daily language, we often encounter a multitude of names and abbreviations such as IDS, IPS, DPI, NGFW, honeypot, most of which remain enigmatic to most of us. However, as Cybersecurity grows in importance, the message is clear: equip yourself with the knowledge and tools hidden behind these names to ensure your defense against cyberattack.

But what happens when we are caught off guard? The consequences can be financially painful for individuals and catastrophic for businesses that fail to protect their interests and those of their customers.

Effective Cybersecurity goes well beyond protecting one’s own interests. This means respecting and defending the trust others place in us. Backing up your own data is crucial, but it’s just as essential to prioritize protecting the data entrusted to you. After all, without customers, no business can survive. To succeed in this dual mission of self-defense and protection of its customers, a global strategy is essential.

Organizing your defense strategy requires a clear understanding of what requires protection, in what order of importance it should be organized and what to defend against.

This involves starting by drawing up as exhaustive a descriptive inventory as possible of the situation, classifying the data in order of priority according to their confidentiality and their importance for your business, assessing the potential dangers if they fall into the wrong hands and identify the tools used for work and data storage.

This first step therefore allows us to know precisely what must be defended and, above all, in what order this defense must be structured.

Know your enemy

To defend intelligently and effectively, it is essential to understand what potential attackers can do once they are in position. There is indeed a high probability that an attacker can cross your first line of defense by using phishing in particular, thus taking advantage of the weakness of the human being, the first link in a defense system, to infiltrate your system, whatever barriers are erected, based on preconceived ideas.

Attackers are often well informed, having spied on their targets before launching an assault. Once inside, they scour your digital landscape, looking for ways to take control of your system in order to extort funds or sensitive data, or demand a ransom to unlock your data.

Hence the importance of segmentation and isolation

Segmenting your IT infrastructure is a well-known common practice to reduce risk by limiting the effects of an attack to the infiltrated segment, but it is not enough. You also need to consider isolation within segments. In each segment, each workstation must be isolated to prevent lateral movement of attackers. This approach ensures that even if one workstation is compromised, the entire segment is not crippled, which could seriously impact the operation of your business.

Enter ARCHANGEL 2.0.1, a next-generation firewall brought to you by PT SYDECO. This advanced solution not only allows the segmentation of your infrastructure but also facilitates, among other things, the isolation of workstations without compromising their efficiency. PT SYDECO’s expert engineers are ready to advise you on the best Cybersecurity strategies, helping you create a secure network architecture and providing you with cutting-edge IT security systems.

ARCHANGEL 2.0.1 by PT SYDECO is your trusted ally

In conclusion, we must admit that defending ourselves against cyberattack is no longer an option but a necessity if not an obligation and that the appropriate tools exist. By knowing, understanding and using them, you can and must protect your resources and data as well as those of those who have placed their trust in you: Te defendere et defendere

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