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Silobreaker unveils new geopolitical threat intelligence capabilities with RANE

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Silobreaker has announced its enhanced geopolitical threat intelligence capabilities with RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange). The tie-up will see Silobreaker integrate global risk intelligence company RANE’s Enterprise Geopolitical Intelligence into its own threat intelligence platform, providing cyber threat intelligence (CTI) teams with real-time information about world events that could heighten the risk of cyberattacks.

With the addition of RANE’s geopolitical threat intelligence, analysis and forecasting capabilities, Silobreaker’s platform will provide CTI teams with vital context into highly complex, interconnected events, allowing them to take proactive steps to reduce their organisations’ exposure to risks impacting business productivity, resiliency and continuity.

The integration allows users to seamlessly access RANE reports, country risk scores and the full resources of Silobreaker’s data source-agnostic platform. CTI teams can easily retrieve RANE’s geopolitical intelligence and pivot between it and other finished intelligence sources, or data from millions of open and dark web sources, to contextualise results and meet complex intelligence requirements. With automated data collection and processing at scale – and fully customisable dashboards and rich reporting capabilities – Silobreaker enables organisations to make intelligence-led decisions quickly and from one place, maximising the value of their threat intel investments.

Also debuting is Silobreaker’s new Vulnerability Alert. Scheduled for launch on 21 June, this weekly alert enables users to stay informed about significant developments for patch prioritisation. Users can keep up to date on actively exploited vulnerabilities and zero-days, including exploit maturity and attack complexity. It will also offer valuable insights into trending critical and high-severity vulnerabilities, and deliver the top stories from Patch Tuesday and the week’s major campaigns.

Silobreaker has recently been recognised as a Representative Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services (May 2023). The company’s Cyber Threat Intelligence, Physical Risk Intelligence, Strategic and Political Intelligence and Brand Threat Protection are among the products and services listed.

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