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SentinelOne launched Singularity™ Ranger Insights

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

SentinelOne announced the launch of Singularity™ Ranger Insights. Building on the company’s top-ranked asset discovery and protection capabilities, the innovative solution removes the complexity from vulnerability management, enabling companies to continuously discover unmanaged assets, evaluate and prioritise threats and mitigate risk using a single console and agent.

Built on the Singularity platform, Singularity Ranger Insights leverages SentinelOne’s industry-leading agent to deliver streamlined endpoint detection response (EDR), network discovery, vulnerability management and compliance requirements.

Real-time insights from the agent minimise dependency on network connectivity and point-in-time scan configurations used by legacy approaches, reducing cost, complexity and bandwidth challenges while increasing visibility.

How it works

Singularity Ranger Insights continuously monitors security posture changes on workstations, and when potentially risky devices and applications are identified, the SentinelOne agent can be deployed to isolate them. Using the solution, security teams can:

Get context for exploitation, based on live updates of a vulnerability’s maturity, remediation, and reported confidence levels.
Gain visibility into vulnerabilities associated with applications and operating systems across Microsoft, Linux, and macOS - whether they are physical, virtual, or cloud.
Prioritise vulnerabilities based on environmental evidence such as exploitation in the wild, patch/workaround availability and business criticality and remediate the most impactful.
Deploy the SentinelOne agent on unmanaged endpoints and automatically bring them into compliance, or isolate if evaluated as risky.
Automate workflows and eliminate the need to pivot between tools, saving time and better- utilising limited security and IT resources.
Run EDR queries on affected endpoints to pull in more information on network connectivity and determine whether a vulnerability has been exploited.

Consolidate tools and leverage existing endpoint footprint to lower operational costs.


Singularity Ranger Insights is available today and on full display at Black Hat. To learn more about the solution, visit booth #1520, or click here.

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