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Nile launched Nile DHCP

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Nile launched Nile DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), the industry’s first fully cloud-hosted DHCP service designed to simplify and secure the dynamic connectivity crucial for modern business operations.

Legacy on-premises DHCP servers often create manual inefficiencies and security risks that burden IT teams due to their complex network designs. Nile DHCP eliminates these pain points with an innovative model. The service provides always-on availability, easy scalability, and reduced burden on IT staff by eliminating the need to maintain on-premises hardware and to manage complex deployments.

Terralogic, a leading IT consultancy firm and Nile partner, recently deployed Nile DHCP and the Nile Access Service across its own distributed enterprise environment ahead of a critical network upgrade deadline. "We value Nile DHCP for taking care of all DHCP intricacies. We used to have to dedicate a full IT headcount just to watch the server for duplicate IP addresses being assigned," recalls Venkatesh Jayakumar, vice president of software solutions at Terralogic. "Now that person can focus on tasks that support Terralogic’s customer-first mission."

Key highlights of Nile DHCP:

Zero infrastructure: Nile DHCP eliminates on-premises hardware complexities and hidden operational costs with deployment in the cloud and automated workflows.
Integrated with Nile Access Service: Existing Nile customers can instantly leverage the DHCP service without the need for a separate management console. Automated provisioning workflows swiftly deploy DHCP through a single click.
Highly available by design: Customers can enjoy an always-on service across many sites at unparalleled scale.
Native security: Strengthen network posture by protecting against Man-in-the-Middle attacks for DHCP services, snooping of unencrypted traffic, and other threats.

Ultimately, Nile DHCP removes the burdens of manual network management, allowing IT teams to focus resources on vital IT initiatives and driving business innovation.

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