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NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. introduced its Visibility Without Borders®

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. introduced its Visibility Without Borders® (VWB) platform to help essential organisations keep goods and services flowing by uniting performance, security, and availability under one common data framework. By proactively identifying areas of complexity, fragility, and risk, the platform unlocks insights at unparalleled scale to deliver the intelligence needed to increase visibility, improve agility, and keep data and applications secure.

Smart data, real-time metadata derived from network traffic and packet data, is the ultimate, consistent data source across any IT infrastructure. It serves as the basis for NETSCOUT’s patented ASI technology and is at the core of NETSCOUT’s VWB platform. The world’s largest and most complex enterprises and communications service providers rely on the NETSCOUT VWB platform to bring together and make use of the massive amounts of data traversing through their networks to address critical needs such as:

• Network and Applications Performance Management: nGenius Enterprise Performance Management monitors, troubleshoots, and maximises the performance of mission-critical applications and services. The solution integrates with DevOps, ITOps, AIOps, and SecOps ecosystems through APIs and data export and import utilities
• Cybersecurity: Omnis Network Security’s advanced network detection and response uses actionable ML-based analytics and insights to defend essential organisations from increasingly sophisticated and damaging cyberattacks
• AIOps: Through its advanced data export capability, the VWB platform feeds unique, indispensable metadata to modern analytics stacks, facilitating predictive analytics, network optimisation, anomaly detection, and automated incident management, among other key AIOps functions
• Availability: Arbor DDoS Protection protects digital infrastructures and critical services from increasingly frequent, sophisticated, and damaging DDoS attacks
• Service Assurance: nGenius for Carrier Service Assurance protects service quality and improve the customer experience across 4G/5G, mobile, IoT, Cloud, and edge

The platform leverages a shared network data collection infrastructure to serve multiple teams throughout an organisation resulting in a highly efficient operational model that promotes collaboration.

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