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MSPAA and CybeReady Unite in a Groundbreaking Partnership

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

The Managed Security Providers Association of America (MSPAA) and CybeReady announced a momentous partnership that will reshape the cybersecurity landscape. Drawing from their combined 20-year expertise in training enterprise teams, CybeReady’s visionary founders have decided to pool their resources with MSPAA, aiming to deliver their cutting-edge training offering to more employees through MSPAA’s network. This collaboration is set to empower organizations with the effective training program they need to transform employee resilience in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

The cybersecurity landscape has seen unprecedented challenges, with malicious actors constantly developing sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities. Recognizing the critical importance of a resilient workforce, MSPAA and CybeReady have aligned to offer software-based training to elevate the cyber awareness capabilities of organizations globally.

CybeReady’s exceptional track record in training enterprise employees to identify and mitigate cyberattacks has been instrumental in reducing risk with ease, by implementing a working solution out-of-the-box and providing measurable KPIs for risk reduction. By partnering with MSPAA, the association that has been at the forefront of advancing managed security providers capabilities, CybeReady is taking its mission to the next level, making its holistic and robust approach to employee training accessible to Managed Service Providers across North America.

The sponsorship received by MSPAA enables the organization to persist in its mission of providing support to businesses of all sizes including individuals by offering crucial assistance in safeguarding their networks and data. This in turn empowers them to concentrate on expanding their business and achieving profitability.

About MSPAA : MSPAA offers essential solutions for businesses, including fast and cost-free access to approved IT vendors, national coverage, and advertising, as well as a program that sponsors education. The association also provides access to listings for events, support resources for Managed Service Providers, and a community newsletter that reaches over 70,000 email subscribers.

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