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Jamf Launches Jamf Safe Internet for Microsoft Windows

July 2023 by Marc Jacob

Jamf announced that Jamf Safe Internet, a comprehensive content filtering and web security solution optimized for education, is now available on Microsoft Windows. Jamf Safe Internet is designed to help schools protect students from harmful content on the internet, inappropriate websites and phishing attacks, while also allowing admins to enforce acceptable-use policies in a seamless way.

Empowering students while keeping them safe

Jamf Safe Internet ensures that students have a safe and secure online learning environment from the moment they unbox their device. With Jamf Safe Internet, admins are able to enforce acceptable-use policies without sacrificing the learning experience by offering:

• Content Control in One Click: Jamf Safe Internet allows teachers and IT admins to customize the level of content control that fits each class and can prevent harmful and inappropriate content from reaching student devices. This protection is powered by Jamf’s content filtering and web-based threat prevention technologies.
• A Continued Commitment to Protecting Privacy: Jamf’s privacy-friendly approach provides a safe online environment for students of all ages while offering schools enough information to protect students. Jamf is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable privacy regulations and has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, highlighting its commitment to protecting the information of students.
• Protection from Increasing Malware and Phishing attacks: Beyond content filtering, Jamf Safe Internet also provides institutions with robust phishing and malware protection, safeguarding networks from increasingly sophisticated attacks that can impact student learning.

With the increase in technology-focused learning also comes opportunities for students to learn anywhere, be that at home or just in new spaces around the school, creating a blended learning opportunity and increased independence. Jamf Safe Internet works beyond the school network to protect students wherever they choose to learn.

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