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‘Iceberg Everywhere’ - Cloudera Expands Open Data Lakehouse for Trusted Enterprise AI

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

Cloudera announced an expansion of its Open Data Lakehouse offerings enabling customers to have a foundation for analytic and AI capabilities in their enterprises for all their data - in the cloud and now on-premises. Cloudera was an early proponent of Apache Iceberg, introducing support in its CDP-Public Cloud offering last year and recently rolling out support for Iceberg V2. Today, Cloudera is announcing support for Apache Iceberg for CDP-Private Cloud, available now as a tech preview and with General Availability later this summer. Cloudera delivers Iceberg everywhere customer data resides facilitating innovation anywhere.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) provides a safe, fast path to trusted Enterprise AI based on an advanced open data lakehouse that enables deployment of the latest AI models with data anywhere. Cloudera makes emerging technologies like large language models (LLM) and real-time self-service analytics at scale easily accessible to all its customers.
Cloudera is the only company that provides an open data lakehouse that operates across multiple public clouds and on-premises, so a customer’s data can stay where it’s best suited. CDP will provide unified security and governance across all data - structured and unstructured - enabling access to data with the same experience everywhere.

Apache Iceberg is a building block of the open data lakehouse. With this release, Large Language Models can now leverage all the petabytes of data that are under management with Cloudera which directly translates to more users across the organization being able to tap into more of the data, and in more ways.

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