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Hanwha Vision launches AI Mini Multi-directional camera for intelligent and compact 360° monitoring

December 2023 by Marc Jacob

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, has launched the 4-Channel AI Mini Multi-directional camera, PNM-C16013RVQ, for an intelligent and compact offering. It provides 360° coverage of scenes to operators, with AI analytics including virtual line and area detection, to provide a cost-effective and discreet solution.

Measuring just 20cm in diameter and 8cm in height, the camera is well suited to indoor environments with low ceilings such as retail stores, shared office spaces, and restaurants. Its wide surveillance area, coupled with IR and AI analytics, removes blind spots with clear visuals in all lighting conditions.

AI within the camera helps to reduce false alarms, with real-time object classification that can capture and discern between people, faces, vehicles, and licence plates. Object classification also allows for more efficient forensic search, so operators can quickly find relevant event footage if future investigations are required.

Virtual line and area detection can trigger alerts to teams, based on intelligent object detection. For example, if a vehicle enters an area that has been pre-set for vehicle detection, the system will alert operators of this event; if a person enters this area, no notification would be issued.

In addition, AI is used to improve image quality via WiseNRII, which optimises image noise and reduces motion blur, and BestShot which delivers the best possible shot of an image to operators. AI-based bandwidth reduction, WiseStreamIII, enhances video management without compromising image quality.

Multi-directional cameras offer cost savings for both system integrators and end users, as multi-sensor cameras use less cable, conduit and mounting hardware, compared to what would normally be required to enable up to four separate cameras to do the same job. As AI analytics are processed on the edge of the camera, less server room space is required. In addition, only one VMS licence is needed, reducing operational costs

Advanced cybersecurity
Supplied with Hanwha Vision’s gold standard cybersecurity, including National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) compliance and FIPS 140-2, the camera also has an added layer of protection against malware potentially accessing credentials, encryption keys, and sensitive user data. It comes with physical tamper-evidence and role-based authentication.

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