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Fingerprints supports Thales’s fourth-generation biometric payment card

December 2023 by Marc Jacob

Fingerprint Cards AB has been deeply involved in the development of the new generation of Thales Gemalto biometric payment card, which is ready for global volume mass deployment. The new Thales solution, which features Fingerprints’ T-Shape sensor (T2) and biometric payment software platform, offers users advanced transaction speed, improved power efficiency and enhanced security.

The T2 sensor module, part of Fingerprints’ FPC1300-series, of which it has shipped more than one million units, enables cost-effective production of biometric payment cards. Thanks to dual-row packaging, the biometric sensor has been tailored to allow easy integration using standard automated manufacturing processes. This ensures reduced waste, optimizes production capacity and throughput and lowers related manufacturing costs. The new card also comes with enhanced security features, including encryption, which adds additional privacy layers to the storage and communication of biometric data. The development of the fourth-generation card is an important milestone for the deployment of biometric payment cards at scale.

As innovation continues to lower market barriers, and consumers make their preferences clear, interest from banks in the biometric payment card continues to grow. Banks that seize the opportunity can leapfrog the competition and enhance customer acquisition, brand reputation and fraud reduction.

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