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Data breaches decreased by 54% in France in Q3 2023 - study

November 2023 by Surfshark

France is the 3rd most breached nation globally in Q3 2023, Surfshark’s global study shows:

Major takeaways from the report:

• France had 1.6 million leaked online user accounts in the third quarter of 2023.
• The rate of leaked accounts equates to 13 per minute.
• France also has 2nd highest breach density (25 breached accounts per 1,000 residents)
• Data breaches in France decreased by 54% in Q3 2023.

Global insights underscore:

• 31.5M global account breaches in Q3 2023
• The US topped the list with 8.1M breaches
• A 76% decrease in global user breaches compared to Q2 2023.

A data breach is a common digital threat to personal information. It happens when confidential and sensitive data gets exposed to unauthorized third parties. In this study, we treat every breached or leaked email address used to register for online services as a separate user account. Each one is counted as a breach.

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