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Comment from Fujitsu: the NCSC launches two flagship new services

March 2023 by Andy Robertson, Head of Fujitsu Cyber Security, Fujitsu UK&I

The NCSC launched two flagship new services designed to help millions of UK small businesses stay secure online and protect their livelihoods.The comment from Andy Robertson, Head of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Business, UK&I at Fujitsu.

"Amidst the constantly evolving and increasing cyber threats, businesses of all sizes face significant risks, especially the small ones, which are more vulnerable due to their limited resources. Financially motivated cyber attacks are a significant concern for small businesses as attackers target them with either the hope of extorting ransom payments or as a gateway to larger organisations.

“It’s not easy for small businesses to navigate the complex and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, which means the support and guidance offered by the NCSC will go a long way in bolstering an SME’s security posture. However, any tools or advice on cyber security should coincide with training. There’re many engaging resources out there, be it gamification or video content, to ensure that either the sole trader or employees at a small enterprise receive tailored and crucially, engaging training that addresses the threats they encounter in their roles.

“There’s no denying that SMEs are a massive target to cyber criminals; putting the appropriate advice and training in place will make a significant difference to SMEs’ overall security posture.”

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