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Brightman joins the Crown Hosting II framework with new migration service

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Brightman have announced the launch of a new partnership with CloudKubed to provide public sector organisations with expert migration services to mitigate the risks, costs and disruption of a migration to Crown Hosting datacentres. The new “Crown Hosting migration service” is available to public sector organisations directly through the Crown Hosting II framework.

Crown Hosting datacentres is a unique joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres to provide dedicated data centre services to the Public Sector. It works with a wide range of sectors, including Defence, Justice and Police, Central Government, Local Government, Health, Transport, Education and Research. Crown Hosting Data Centres have already saved the UK taxpayer over £2 billion, reduced energy costs by 75% and CO2 emissions by 99%.

“Migrating mission-critical workload to the cloud is fraught with complexity, anxiety and “paralysis by analysis.” With so many moving parts – many of which don’t become clear until after the project has started – most cloud migrations fail to deliver the intended outcomes, cost too much, or simply don’t leave the starting blocks at all.
By launching as a migration partner on the CHII framework, together with our partners CloudKubed, we have created a holistic “Digital Transformation Enablement” package for public sector organisations that want to take advantage of the numerous benefits of Crown Hosting, but have so far been unable to do so.”

Brightman and CloudKubed have been chosen by Crown Hosting to provide migration services to its datacentres on the strength of their experience and expertise in this area, having already delivered a number of successful, large-scale migrations to Crown Hosting and other cloud infrastructures. As one of the migration services providers available directly through the CHII framework, public sector organisations can enlist the support of Brightman and CloudKubed when they procure Crown Hosting’s data centre co-location services.

Cloud First policy changes mandate Crown Hosting when no other option is feasible
In June 2023 the government published an update to its Cloud First policy, which introduced new Government Cloud Principles. Among the new principles was the declaration to use Crown Hosting when no other cloud option is feasible:

In anticipation of the increased demand for Crown Hosting datacentres as a result of the new Government Cloud Principles, the new Brightman and CloudKubed proposition is positioned to help organisations in their transition.

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