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BA, BBC and Boots cyber attack: Expert comment

June 2023 by Guy Golan, CEO of Performanta

Following the news today on UK firms including BA, Boots and the BBC exposed to a cyber-attack through their payroll provider Zellis, Guy Golan, CEO and Founder of global cybersecurity firm Performanta is calling for organisations to move to Cyber Safety.

“Today’s attack on payroll software reminds us that no organisation is an island; the effects of one breach very quickly cascade across the business network to third parties, resulting in a much larger number of victims than initially perceived. And it’s not just the business that suffers.
“The industry needs to shift its mindset from one of security to one of safety. Assessments are carried out every day to determine whether an organisation is deemed ‘secure’ by compliance and industry standards, but this doesn’t mean that all parties involved are safe. We need a global data-driven strategy that prioritises accuracy, transparency and context when it comes to cybersecurity across the entire supply chain, for the sake of each business and every single individual involved.”
 Guy Golan, CEO and Founder of Performanta

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