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An analysis of Anonymous Sudan’s DDoS attack campaign – NETSCOUT blog

November 2023 by NETSCOUT

A highly prolific hacktivist group, Anonymous Sudan has launched a series of devastating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in the last year to support their pro-Russian, anti-Western agenda. While the attacks accredited to this group are often viewed as being politically or religiously motivated, there are also instances where this adversary has conducted attacks as a form of retaliation against messaging services which have restricted their communications.

According to NETSCOUT, Anonymous Sudan predominantly utilises multi-vector DDoS attacks, which tend to be a combination of TCP-based direct-path and UDP reflection/amplification attack vectors. The group has targeted various prominent networks, including content delivery networks (CDNs), enterprise organisations, and cloud services and messaging platforms, across a variety of industries. Amongst those sectors targeted have been airlines, education, financial services, and government departments.

The propensity of Anonymous Sudan to ensure they do in fact attack those organisations they threaten to, coupled with the lack of preparedness amongst targeted businesses, has ensured the DDoS attacks launched by the group have, to date, had a relatively high success rate.

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